Breakthrough Method

​Discover Your True Essence

Inside each one of us, there is a place, the powerful source of all  our greatest gifts this is our True EssenceThis is the seat of all of the joy, freedom, and power we experience. Living our lives with full access to our True Essence is the birthright of one of us. However, while we all experience glimpses of it, unfortunately most of us have limited access most of the time. Now, it’s time to change all of that…


The Gateway to True Essence:

Activating Your Heart

The secret to accesssing more of our True Essence is very simply to activate or open our hearts. We’ve all heard the expression “to have an open heart” and have some idea of what it means to us.  However, it is far beyond an idea or a concept that may exist in our minds. We are talking about learning to experience the profound physiological, mental and emotional phenomenon that that emerges from us when we do.

Simply put, when our hearts are activated, our experience of the world
is completely different. We are completely different.  And, that difference is wonderful.


Removing Our Barriers to True Essence

You may be asking yourself, if we have all of this hidden potential, why we don’t experience it all the time?  Good question. The reason is that hidden deep within our mind and nervous system are electrical and magnetic patterns that create a kind of interference. This interference is generated by our subconcious resistance to certain emotional patterns and fears. Allof us experience these core fears in one way or another, but like our fingerprints, our specific pattern signature is uniquely our own.





The Breakthrough Method shows you how to recognize your unique interference patterns and release them, at their roots. 

Releasing these patterns frees up huge amounts of energy, attention and capacity, so that you can access more and more of your True Essence and powerfully create more of what you want in your life.

This is good news. And the better news is you can use the Method anytime you want. And, each time you do you will create more power and freedom for yourself.

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